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Friday, July 16, 2021

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(Seguin) – Why follow your tastebuds all the way to the ocean when the whole ocean has apparently arrived at the dinner table here in Seguin?

Ruben Garcia, owner of the Texas Crab Company, says today he is celebrating his first full week of doing business at his new location at 350 N. State Highway 123 Bypass.

After operating in a food truck, Garcia, who lives in San Marcos, says he is proud to open his doors here in Seguin.

“I’ve always been in the food industry for years but before Texas Crab Company, I had a taco trailer, and it did good. We were on Elder Eats on KSAT-12 news etc. It was going good but when I saw the seafood business booming, I said to myself ‘I need to get in there,’ and I got in there at the right time. So, we’ve been in business for one year and we haven’t had to look back at all. We’ve been blessed. It’s been up from there. We’ve been one year in our trailer this past May and now we are in a brick and mortar. We are opening up our second location in Floresville. So, we’ll have two locations by late next month,” said Garcia.

The mouth watery menu is no doubt unique to Seguin as it very well may be the city’s first and only seafood eatery. Garcia says seafood was definitely the niche that local residents had been waiting for.

“I’m going to tell you, Seguin is the best decision we could make. We love Seguin.”
We love the residents. We love every customer that comes through here. Everyone from the city to the fire marshal, they have all received us with open arms. Even, the guy that owns the Burnt Bean Co. came by and wished us nothing but success. That was very professional of that guy. I’ll never forget that. I’m going to support him too to the fullest. Everybody has been so loving to us,” said Garcia. “They are stoked. They love the seafood, and they are glad we are here and so, we are here to stay,” said Garcia.

Not only does Garcia pride himself by having all the signature foods on the menu such as crab, lobster, shrimp, fish and calamari but he also prides in the fact that his culinary skills and recipes are like no other.

“The thing with us, everybody boils a certain way. Everybody has their own recipe. I do the recipe. My son does the recipe and I’m training my other son to do the recipe, but we boil different. Also with us, I know a lot of seafood companies, they use butter but our butter, we like get it hot and we pour it on there and we have developed a clientele. Everywhere we go with our trailer and when we are mobile, right before we open, we have 30 to 40 people in line and it’s there. The taste is there. The customer service is there, and you put it all together and everything just works out,” said Garcia.

Now although the menu offers plenty of choices for customers, Garcia says his boils appear to be a top favorite.
“Our crab and shrimp boils, they just sell like crazy and then our fish and shrimp, it’s enough to feed two people. It’s humungous. So those two items, I think are the two most popular items and well, we do have the fried lobster tail. That’s pretty popular too so but I think the crab and shrimp is where it’s at with your choice of butter on top,” said Garcia.

Currently, the restaurant is operating as a drive thru only. But Garcia says plans are already underway to offer even more opportunities for customers to enjoy their food.

“Right now, it’s Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Dine in should be ready in about another week and then in about another two months, we’ll have a full daiquiri to go etc.,” said Garcia.

A complete menu for the restaurant can be found on its Facebook page at Texas Crab Company.

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