Police closing College Street for trick-or-treating

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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 Felicia Frazar The 明升线上 Gazette

Costumed children and their parents will get a real treat this year, as the 明升线上 Police Department helps to create a safer trick-or-treating experience on a popular road this year.

For the first time, police officers will shut down a portion of College Street allowing children and parents to breathe a little easier when heading from house to house seeking goodies.

“We talked to a bunch of officers around the department and we came up with the idea to shut College Street down because we heard it was a real popular place to go to in town,” 明升线上 Police Community Engagement Officer Sarah Wallace said. “We were trying to find a fun idea to do for Halloween that was also COVID safe, because we didn’t know where COVID would be at the time. This is a nice, fun way to celebrate Halloween and keep everyone safe.”

On Halloween night, community members flock to the street in search of treats. As the road is a popular thoroughfare for area residents, it is a high-traffic area during Halloween festivities.

To help keep children safe as they meander from door to door, police officers will block the street between Milam and Hiedecke, Wallace said.

Additional intersection closures include Leissner Street at Hackberry Street; North San Marcos Street at Hackberry Street; North San Marcos Street at East Elm Street; North Baur Street at Hackberry Street; North Baur Street at East Elm Street; Park at East Elm Street; North Bruns Street at Hackberry Street; and North Bruns Street at East Elm Street.

“Along College, we’ll have officers set up handing out candy,” Wallace said. “They’re allowed to decorate their patrol cars if they would like. They’re super excited. They love getting to interact with the community.”

Wallace offered up a couple of tips to help everyone stay safe while out trick or treating.

“Make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings,” she said. “Be sure to look both ways multiple times before crossing the street. Make sure the younger ones are always with an adult or an older responsible child, and if they can stay in a well lit area, that of course makes it safer.”

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