Residents invited to give input on city’s master plan

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Dalondo Moultrie The Seguin Gazette

City officials are inviting community members to help shape Seguin’s future.

The city is hosting an open house as part of the process of updating its comprehensive plan and developing Seguin’s first downtown master plan, said Kyle Kramm, the city’s Main Street and Convention Visitors Bureau director.

“It is an opportunity for the community to come out and hear where we are at in the city’s comprehensive plan and the downtown master plan process,” he said. “They’ll get to hear the first draft of the future land use plan, some projects being considered for downtown and different ideas and concepts being put together by our consultants.”

The open house starts 6 p.m. Thursday at the Seguin Coliseum. It opens with about a 15-minute presentation explaining the comprehensive and downtown plans, Kramm said.

Interactive activities designed to gather the public’s input and more will follow the opening presentation, he said.

“Once the presentation is over, there will be a couple of focus groups for people toparticipate in if they so choose,” Kramm said. “Or they can walk around and look at the information boards and the interactive boards as well.”

Everyone in the community is invited to attend and participate. Development of the plans is a vital component to Seguin’s future development, Seguin Public Information Officer Jennifer Sourdellia said.

“This is another one of those times when the community can come in and give their feedback as far as what they may want to see in Seguin’s future,” she said. “Maybe that is new businesses downtown and what not.”

City staff members will be in attendance to help present information and gather ideas from those willing to share, Kramm said. Freese and Nichols, the consultant firm Seguin hired to help with the plans, will present information collected from research, community surveys and more.

Seguin leaders want to hear from all segments of the community for assistance in developing the best comprehensive plan and downtown plan possible that pleases the most stakeholders possible, Kramm said.

“These documents will be what decides the future of Seguin, what downtown is going to look like, what the whole community is going to look like for the next 20 years,” he said. “So it’s very important we hear from the community at this event.”

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